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For those of you who like technical astrology details, I launched this website at 2:20 PM, Saturday, April 11, 2020, in Bloomington, IN. I picked the best time/date I could find within a span of a week or two - which is sometimes all you can do for an upcoming event. That is, if you don't want to scan 12-18 months for a more optimal time. With that said, I'm content with this launch chart since it activates my own natal chart quite well. I'm planning to add blog posts every Thursday or Friday and have a bunch of topics in mind. Rest assured that most of them will be accessible to anyone (not jargon-y or too technical)! However, as the posts emerge, if you think of a subject that you'd like me to address, send me an email at:

Gail Fairfield: February 27, 1950, 3:51 PM, Fuzhou, China:

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