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Life Coaching for Adults and Teens

As a Board Certified Coach, I have deep experience working with adults, young adults, and teens who are in the midst of growth and change.

You might work with me to figure out how you can:

  • Shift procrastination to proactive action

  • Set and maintain healthy boundaries

  • Establish a work/life balance that meets your needs

  • Take better care of your health and well-being

  • Empower yourself in a specific context

  • Transition into a new phase of life

However, these are just ideas.  Together, we'll figure out what would most help you to be fully present in your life and move forth with confidence.

Coaching is most effective if it occurs over several sessions - this gives you time to act on your insights, practice skills, and reflect before coming back for the next step.  The usual first commitment is for three sessions.  However, if you commit to nine sessions, you get the tenth for free.

​​To schedule an Appointment, click here. 

If you first want to discuss whether coaching might be useful for you, schedule a 30-minute session.  Make a note that this is an informational session and we'll spend 15-20 minutes talking about what you want and what I do (no charge for this session).

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