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For Individuals, Pairs, Groups, & Organizations

I've been a professional astrologer and tarot reader since 1980 - yes, a long time!  From the beginning, my focus has been on de-mystifying these tools and utilizing them as resources for self-empowerment.  Essentially, my work is choice-centered.  This means that I won't "predict" things or tell you what fate has in store.  I will, however, help you understand yourself within the scope of your concerns. 

Using your astrological birth chart, we can delve into your potential, your strengths, and possible challenges.  I can describe the astrological climate that exists right now and the energy that might emerge in the future.  Together, we'll talk through the alternatives that could be successful if and when you act on various decisions.  For example, through astrology, you might discover:

  • How to maximize your potential in various areas of life

  • Whether working collaboratively (or independently) makes sense at this time

  • That you might be more satisfied with the result in May (instead of January) if you're looking for a job, going to college, getting married, selling a house, opening a business, or taking myriad other actions

  • When you might get serious about seeking or enhancing a relationship and what needs to be there for a relationship to work for you

  • When/how to pay more attention to your health and well-being

  • Information about a myriad of other concerns

In addition to the charts of individuals, astrological charts can also be calculated for the birth of a business, project, or enterprise; using these charts, similar questions about potential and timing can be addressed.

Using tarot cards, we can explore the decisions and experiences that are on your mind right now as we compare and contrast various options.  The cards might also lend insight into the dynamics between people and within groups and organizations.  Through tarot conversations, you could explore:

  • What you might experience in various jobs, colleges, or relationships

  • What you can do to move yourself forward in a particular context

  • What you might want to avoid doing, in a specific situation

  • How you're experiencing an interaction with someone else and what you might choose to do about it

  • How you might empower yourself, explore your intuition, or discover confidence

  • The symbolism and meaning of various events and experiences

  • Insights into a diversity of experiences and other topics  


Depending on your needs and concerns, we can utilize astrology, tarot, or both tools in any given session.  You don't have to decide ahead of time!


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