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Venus Retrograde, May 13-June 25

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Venus will be retrograde from May 13 through June 25. Occurring every 19 months, this is a time when there’s an optical illusion that, seen from the Earth, Venus is going backwards in its orbit. As with all retrograde periods, it’s a time to turn inward and think about the issues associated with the planet in question. With Venus, we contemplate our values and priorities with regard to, at least, two key things: relationships and money/possessions. And, since Venus is retrograding in Gemini this time, we’ll likely be considering relationships and money with regard to siblings, community, schools, communication, and the media. Furthermore, Venus Retrograde will have impact on our urges and motivations (planets) and in the areas of life (houses) that it activates in our personal charts.

About Venus Retrograde and Relationships

We can take this time to evaluate our important relationships and figure out how to be more authentic with regard to our boundaries and limits and/or our commitments. We might find ourselves encountering people from the past (particularly women but not always) or people who remind us of people we’ve known. Venus suggests that we re-evaluate both these specific relationships and our themes of relating to determine whether we want to re-engage . . . or not. Old patterns, even if they have had less-than-wonderful outcomes, are so comfortably familiar that we’re often tempted to give them another try. A question to ask is “given the ways I’ve changed and evolved, is this right for me, at this time?” To be honest, with Venus Retrograde, the answer is usually “no” but/and this is not always the case and the question is often worth contemplating.

Because this retrograde is in Gemini, you’ll undoubtedly pay particular attention to relationships with siblings (or those who are like siblings) and people in your neighborhood, community, or school. In addition, you might be especially attentive to the potential for breakdowns in communication and/or the uses or abuses of media and technological communications. And, consider the location of Gemini in your personal chart. It’s probable that you’ll be rethinking relationships in that arena.

Also, bear in mind that relationships that begin during Venus Retrograde tend to founder, over time, because of dissimilar values and priorities. There is more to be revealed about the person whom you thought you were welcoming into your life. If you get together with a prospective partner, employer, or professional contact during this time, give yourself until after June 25, if it’s at all possible, before you jump in and commit to anything. On the other hand, if you must commit, give yourself a "probationary period" or another way out.

About Venus Retrograde and Money/Possessions

Given the pandemic and its concomitant loss of jobs and income, many are scrambling to simply survive and/or to reconfigure their financial paradigms. Venus Retrograde will highlight this issue, nudging us to begin to consider what a “new normal” might look like, both in terms of day-to-day income and also with regard to the bigger scope of the economy. Those with savings might find themselves utilizing those resources more than they had anticipated. Others will be figuring out how to pay the rent and hoping that things will level out soon. Sadly, I believe that Venus Retrograde might slow down the financial recovery process.

Even without the pandemic, however, Venus Retrograde triggers us to revisit and revise our budgets and financial plans, aligning them more closely to our current values and priorities. In some cases, we’ll have the pleasure of realizing that we don’t need to spend as much money as we used to spend. With regard to possessions, Venus Retrograde provides a fabulous opportunity (especially since we’re sheltering at home) to clean out our garages or basements or closets. We might discover that there’s a lot of “stuff” that we no longer need or want.

Since this retrograde is in Gemini, you’ll probably consider how your use of money expresses your values, boundaries, and commitments with regard to siblings (or sibling-like people) and community members. In addition, you might re-consider how you engage, financially, with your social networks and the media. Whom do you value and support?

Unfortunately, big financial decisions made during Venus Retrograde tend to be based on some kind of faulty logic that doesn’t fully align with our true values and priorities. They often require re-thinking at a later date – sometimes as soon as Venus goes direct. If you can hold off on big expenditures until well after June 25, it would probably be a good idea. On the other hand, if you must purchase a new refrigerator, make sure you have a warrantee.

A note about health decisions during Venus Retrograde: If you absolutely need to schedule surgery or some other procedure during Venus Retrograde, just find the best (astrological!) day to do it. Make sure that the financial implications are clearly laid out and don’t be surprised if the personnel change at the last minute; for example, you might find yourself encountering a different doctor or anesthesiologist than you expected.

A note about starting new jobs during Venus Retrograde: It’s likely that you might start with one set of colleagues only to find that the staff switches or your supervisor changes quite soon after you start working. And, be sure to triple-check the money side of things – and get the details in writing.


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