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The Pandemic and the USA Chart

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

My goal, today, is to consider the USA birth chart* as if it were that of an individual entity and to describe the impact of the current astrological themes on our nation as a whole.

In terms of the USA chart, the coronavirus pandemic was initially signaled by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, which triggered the USA’s natal Neptune (viruses), in early January. This was like a “soft” launch, a hint that something powerful was welling up even though we couldn’t see the full shape of it yet. The true early warning was in mid-to-late January, when Jupiter opposed the USA’s natal Sun. At that time, there was an opportunity for gaining the truth through observing or noticing that something was happening, something that could affect our nation’s vitality and well-being. In the same month, the transiting North Node went over the top of the USA chart, bringing us a once-in-19-years challenge to grow, stretch, and fulfill our potential in new ways. Thus, in January, we got a hint that something big was coming and we were asked to pay attention and to consider how we might rise to the occasion.

In February, Saturn went directly over the USA’s Moon and Pluto (this occurs every 29-30 years) setting off a 10-month period when we are being confronted with the need to be functioning, responsible adults, to assume leadership, take responsibility, set effective boundaries, and follow through on our deepest commitments. Saturn points out the facts of the situation, with no illusions or soft-soaping. In effect, since February, Saturn has been saying, “This is the reality, what will you do?”

Saturn is asking us to be adults with regard to nurturing (Moon) and transforming (Pluto) ourselves as a country. It’s reminding us to demonstrate practical ways to create safety (Moon) and face life and death situations (Pluto). In addition, since the Moon is often an indicator of survival needs and Pluto is related to the stock market and economic trends, we are having to become differently responsible in financial arenas as well. But Saturn isn’t stopping there. It is opposing our natal Mercury, bringing up the need to see our national communication, networking, and distribution policies and practices more clearly and to make choices about how we manage them.

When Saturn goes Retrograde on May 11 (12:09 AM Eastern time), this optical illusion of a reversal in Saturn’s trajectory could give us a sense that things are improving. At the very least, the retrograde period might give us a few months to catch our breaths, re-trench, and get better organized. Then, when Saturn moves forward again at the end of September, re-activating the USA’s Moon, Pluto, and Mercury, we will discover whether our revised strategies will be effective in the following few months. Overall, from February through November, as a nation, we are testing ourselves and our ability to face reality and transform our systems so we can responsibly take care of our survival.

*For the astrological chart of the USA, I am using the “birth” data as provided by Ray Merriman who, after extensive research, determined that although the Declaration of Independence was delivered to George Washington on July 4, the vote was concluded before Noon on July 2, 1776. He makes a good case for a Libra-Rising chart with its emphasis on equality, liberty, justice, and happiness – for all. He has also done decades of research and writing on the political and financial trends that result from geo-cosmic cycles (astrology). See his work related to market trends at

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The information you provided about the USA makes so much sense! thank you for giving us this peek into our potential and future. I surely hope that the energy of those mindful is strong enough to help shift the unconsciousness of our country. I hope we can find a variety of ways to love and care for each other post-pandemic, in ways not experienced to-date. May we all be well, be safe, be compassionate, living with ease.

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