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The Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction on 12-21-20

As I am writing this, Jupiter and Saturn are forming a conjunction, at 0 Aquarius. The last time they conjoined in Aquarius was ­­­1226 – leading into the Renaissance. This time, in addition to coming together in the same sign, they are extremely close (parallel) in terms of their declination, or height, in the zodiac band (portion of the sky). The last time this conjunction was so closely parallel was in July, 1623, in Leo, at the time when two ships arrived in Plymouth, MA, bringing 90 more settlers to the Puritan colony founded in 1620. Sadly, it appears that 1623 was also a year when violence began to escalate between the Europeans and the Native Americans who were operating on completely different value systems. In 2020, the energy of the birth or rebirth of new ideas, knowledge, and creativity (conjunction in Aquarius) is combined with the intensity of a potential cultural clash (parallel). So, the current configuration is a big deal and many astrologers are calling it the true “dawning of the Age of Aquarius.” Who knows?!

What we do know is that Jupiter and Saturn cycle into a conjunction with each other every 20 years and that these conjunctions occur (mostly) in one element for approximately two centuries. At the beginning and end of the 200- year cycle, the conjunctions might occur in the previous or succeeding sign but the whole era is shaded by the given element. The past two centuries were characterized by Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in Earth signs.

Jupiter and Saturn are called the “social” planets, not because they are all about parties and gatherings but because they reflect the ways that our societies are organized. Saturn is about structure, organization, conservation, and sustaining a workable system. Therefore, it symbolizes the maintenance of political/governmental and economic/business systems and the ways they are organized. Jupiter, on the other hand, reflects growth, philosophy, and learning. As such, it brings education, belief systems, religion, and codified worldviews into the mix. Combined, these two planets show us how our world is moving along; that is, they signal the ways our priorities, truths, and education are interwoven into our political and economic systems and institutions. Essentially, every 20 years, we have the opportunity to set off a new cycle of practicing what we preach.

The shift from an Earth focus to an Air focus is quite significant when we consider the meanings of the elements. During the two centuries of Earth conjunctions, power struggles were based on the control and use (or abuse!) of natural resources, manufacturing, food production, and land/territory. In 1980-2000, we had a glimpse of the shift into Air energy with the explosion of computer technology which made information and fast communication much more accessible. In 2000-2020, in the dying Earth cycle, we tried to hold onto the old paradigm while feeling the call of the age of information and idea management. Obviously, technology continued to develop in those 20 years but/and we hadn’t yet figured out how to manage the business and politics of information creation and consumption.

We are now on the brink of approximately 200 years, when power in the world will be based on who controls, manages, and disseminates information, innovation, ideas, and vision. Some of the questions come down to:

  • What is our truth and who shares it?

  • What messages will we choose to communicate?

  • How will our truth be reflected in media and accessed by others?

  • How will we organize ourselves with others of like mind?

  • What will be the possible impact of strongly-held but conflicting truths on our political and economic systems?

It might well be a time when our Aquarian visions become concretely manifested. However, we have to bear in mind that there are conservative and liberal Aquarians. Aquarius is about “shattering the current structure to move toward a new vision of the future for the highest good of all.” Individually and collectively, we are deciding what that vision might be and what the “highest good” looks like. We are entering a renaissance era, an era when we question or challenge “what has been,” come up with a variety of different answers for “what should be,” and struggle to have our chosen ideals reflected in our political/economic reality.

The recent USA presidential election clearly outlined (at least) two very divergent views of the world with a substantial number of people espousing each perspective. Since the explosion of technology/communication systems is actually just beginning, how will we manage that gigantic level of polarization and find any kind of productive communication or cooperation across disparate beliefs and values?

The transiting Jupiter-Saturn conjunction activates the USA’s natal chart, by forming a 150-degree angle (quincunx) to two of our natal 10th house planets: Jupiter and Venus. This means that, in terms of our role in the world, we are “separating from things as they have been.” The country is being encouraged (forced?) to move away from the values and philosophical pronouncements that have had an impact on our reputation. Essentially, the old (most recent) pathways will no longer work and new bridges and options will need to be formed.

Furthermore, after the turn of the year, Jupiter and Saturn will go over the South Node of the Moon, in the USA chart. Specifically, on January 14-20, Jupiter will make a fast transit to that point, indicating a rapid release of existing patterns and habits. Simultaneously, Uranus (in Taurus) will square that transiting Jupiter, and the USA’s Nodes, indicating the possibility of sudden, eruptive change. A new balance is needed but/and it’s as if the teeter-totter has been set wildly swinging up and down. Hopefully, there will be excellent protection for politicians and leaders so that the release/eruption is not a tragic loss and is, instead, a way for us to let go of old protocols, policies, and procedures and come into some new alignment.

Saturn then triggers the USA’s South Node through October 2021, reminding us – as a nation – to let go of old habits of thinking, to clear out attitudes that are no longer effective. Simultaneously, Saturn is testing our resolve in terms of new visions. Every innovation proposed in 2021 will come under close scrutiny and it’s unlikely that any proposal will win through without being diminished to some degree.

At a personal level, the location of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in your chart (house or planets affected by 0-3 degrees Aquarius), shows the area in your life in which you might engage in the upcoming era. You are likely to focus on expanding and solidifying your worldview and finding ways to constructively manifest your beliefs and priorities in the context of the house where the conjunction falls:

  1. First House: how you present yourself to others, speak up or speak out, and proclaim your identities

  2. Second House: how you maintain your self-esteem, express values/priorities, earn money, and use personal resources

  3. Third House: how you engage in community, communicate with others, and interact with siblings (or those who are like siblings)

  4. Fourth House: how you build or make home, sustain your family, or connect with your cultural or psychological roots

  5. Fifth House: how you creatively express yourself, find ways to play, or focus on children

  6. Sixth House: how you maintain health and wellness, step into – and sustain – a routine, or approach your day-to-day work

  7. Seventh House: how you create/sustain one-to-one relationships, collaborate, or cooperate with others

  8. Eighth House: how you approach intimacy and trust, manage collective resources, or consider death & dying

  9. Ninth House: how you educate yourself, travel broadly, or teach/preach/market whatever is important to you

  10. Tenth House: how manage your career or vocational trajectory, confirm your position in the world, or develop your reputation

  11. Eleventh House: how you participate in group endeavors, support the “causes” that matter to you, or help to co-create the future

  12. Twelfth House: how you explore spiritual depths, confront addictive or numbing practices, or take time-out for soul-renewal

All in all, today’s Jupiter-Saturn conjunction definitely signals “interesting times” ahead. I believe that they are also exciting times, full of creative possibility!


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