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Onward (sort of)!

Today, I ordered new sheets. This is the third set of sheets I’ve ordered in the past month. No, I don’t need or want three sets of sheets! However, I ordered the first two sets during the astro-messy period of the past two months. Really, I’m an astrologer and I should have known better! One set came out to be the wrong color (you know how online colors can be deceiving) and the other set, supposed to be queen-sized, is really only fit for a double bed. Sigh. So, now with the messy period over, I ordered my third set of sheets. I am expecting that this set will be the right color and will fit!

What are you fixing, correcting, fine-tuning, or adjusting now that

we’re in more of a move-forward time?

Well, we’re sort of in a move-forward time. There’s still the pandemic, of course. And Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are all retrograde. What! More Retrogrades? These slower moving planets retrograde every year, for months at a time and they do have impact. However, we don’t experience their retrograde motions in the same way as the faster planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars). The outer planets, when retrograde, signal a deep underswell that doesn’t quite crest into active day-to-day visibility. They subtly invite us to ponder the deeper meanings of things.

Pluto retrograde nudges us to ask ourselves:

  • What’s my passionate commitment and how might I affirm it?

  • How might I transform those caterpillar ideas into butterflies?

  • Really, what am I here on the planet to do, at this time, in this place?

  • What does deep self-empowerment look like . . . compared to power struggles?

Neptune retrograde suggests these questions:

  • How much am I embracing solitude . . . compared to sinking into loneliness or isolation?

  • How much am I using or abusing numbing substances or activities to cope, these days?

  • What are the practices that renew and center my spirit?

  • How do I find serenity, in the midst of all the chaos?

Saturn retrograde often brings up these queries:

  • How do I organize myself or my thinking?

  • What are my commitments to myself? What are my limits?

  • How can I become the authority for my own life and actions?

  • How can I remember to take ownership of my choices?

And, Jupiter retrograde reminds us to ask:

  • What do I believe to be true, deep in my heart?

  • What honestly gives me joy and optimism?

  • How might I gain a sense of expansion in my space . . . compared to just increasing my stuff?

  • How could I grow my mind even if I’m not going places and doing things?

Some of these thoughts and questions could be building momentum at

the back of your mind, even as you’re (finally!) moving forward with all the

daily things that got delayed and messed up over the past two months.

For myself, I wonder if my new sheets will give me a sense of empowerment – after all, I might finally have the right ones! Will they help me feel a sense of peaceful serenity when I sink into bed? Will they remind me that I can make good choices even if it takes some practice? And, will they give me a feeling of freedom and joy or just clutter my shelves? When they arrive, I will pause and consider these questions before I even open the package. I want to make sure that the current wave of action is carrying me where I really want to go.


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