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Mercury Retrograde

Here we are, in the midst of re-evaluating our priorities and ways of relating (Venus Retrograde, May 13-June 25) with heightened intensity and emotion (eclipse period, June 5-July 5) . . . and now Mercury is about to go retrograde as well, extending the period of astro-messiness (highly technical term) to mid-July. Feel free to read my other recent blogs about Venus and the eclipses to get the backdrop for this particular Mercury Retrograde (June 18-July 22).

Mercury retrogrades about three times a year and, although it isn’t a novel experience, it still has significant impact on our daily lives. I always feel like I’m slightly holding my breath during Mercury Retrograde, hoping that the functionality of my life holds up through it. And, then I remember to breathe and recall that Mercury Retrograde has its uses.

First, the challenges. Mercury is associated with communication and connections. So, when it’s retrograde (appears to be moving backwards in its orbit), things related to communication, agreements, and connections can go “backwards” or otherwise awry.

Examples and recommendations to consider:

We are meeting up on Zoom but are logged into two different Zoom rooms and we haven’t figured the time zone changes correctly (some of this has already been happening since Venus has been retrograde in Gemini).

Recommendation: double-check times & places

Someone says they are “working hard” at getting something done . . . but you don’t think that their behavior looks like “working hard.” You might have different understandings of the phrase because of upbringing, cultural differences, or even native language.

Recommendation: clarify the behavioral

or nuanced specifics about the meanings of

general words or phrases

The refrigerator (or computer or car) dies; when you buy electronic or mechanical things during Mercury Retrograde, they tend to be lemons with inherent faulty connections

Recommendation: get a loaner if you can; if

you must get a new dishwasher or hot water

heater, make absolutely sure it has a

warrantee; you might even consider paying

extra for that extended warrantee!

You are tempted to sign a contract, buy a house, or launch a new online endeavor. During Mercury Retrograde, it’s likely that you’re missing critical information. And, it’s possible that there will be glitches in just getting it done.

Recommendation: set the closing, signing, or

start date in mid-July; use the intervening time

to research, get a thorough inspection, re-

evaluate your approach, or fine-tune the details

and technicalities

You are really tempted get involved in a new relationship, partnership, or collaborative project. Again, there is probably missing information. It might be unrecognized, forgotten, deemed unimportant, or even willfully misrepresented by one of the parties. Later, it could be significant. And, since Venus is also retrograde, there could be a serious difference in underlying values.

Recommendation: get to know the person a bit

more; avoid the rush; slow down; find out more

– and reveal more – about values, priorities,

past experiences, physical/mental health, or

behavior patterns that could impact the


Now, for a few ways to use Mercury Retrograde:

  1. Clean out the garage, your closet, your desk, or anything else. But, wait until after Mercury moves forward to actually take the stuff to Goodwill . . . just in case you change your mind.

  2. Don't worry if you lose something. Typically, things that are lost (including relationships or jobs) are found again.

  3. Practice clear communication, specifying things that you assume you don't have to clarify.

  4. Do the research, find the backstory, ask the deeper questions, get a second (or third) opinion, or find out more.

  5. Edit writing projects, mass communications, websites, etc. And remember to save all drafts.

  6. Back up your computer files.

I think you get the idea! A little decision-distancing to add to social-distancing. And a lot of getting input, insight, and information for those decisions-to-be-made-later.

Take care.


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