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Mars and Mercury Retrograde: Impact on the USA 2020 Election

As you might remember from an earlier blog, Mars will be retrograde through November 13. This signifies a time when people are trying to figure out what, exactly, they want, and considering the best way to get it. At a basic level, Mars is also associated with anger, violence, and aggressive energy. So, during Mars’s retrograde period, we are revisiting the ways and means of acting – or not acting – on these emotions. This could mean that for ten days after the election, there could be outbursts of strong emotion as people try to figure out how to respond to the results. On the other hand, people could “lay low” during the retrograde only to burst out when Mars finally moves forward. My best guess is that emotions will simmer for those ten days until the voting is finally confirmed. Then, when Mars moves forward, there could be a reaction.

Mercury, which retrograded on October 13, is now complicating matters. It tends to mess up logistics, communications, networks, debates, and even the postal service. The next three weeks, heading into the election might be pretty chaotic so try to vote in a way that ensures your vote will be counted. The biggest impact of Mercury Retrograde is on election day itself. Mercury stops its retrograde motion on November 3, at 12:50 PM Eastern time. At that time, it stops retrograding but is essentially at a standstill for a day or so until it gradually inches forward. So, no matter where you live, Mercury will be slowing down and then stalled for most of election day. This means that the processes of voting and of counting the votes are likely to also be stalled while communications and technology are still awry and pieces of paper and records get mislaid or lost. Still, what is lost during Mercury retrograde tends to be found so I think any missing data will re-emerge.

Four factors that could indicate the finalizing/resolution of the election results.

First, and most simply, we could look at times when Mars and/or Mercury go direct, moving forward out of their retrograde motion. Mercury goes direct on November 3 and Mars on November 13 so the most basic astrological analysis could show us election results finalized between November 3 and November 13.

Next, we could examine the impact of shadow periods, as related to retrograde motion. Many astrologers think that the impact of a retrograde planet is still felt during its shadow – after the planet goes direct until it again reaches the point in the sky, at which it first retrograded. Note that most astrologers are more inclined to pay attention to Mercury’s shadow period than those of other planets. And many ignore the impact of shadow periods altogether.

  • On September 9, Mars retrograded at 28 Aries. Mars moves forward on November 13 and returns to 28 Aries on January 4. So, its shadow period is November 13-January 4.

  • Mercury retrograded, on October 14, at 11 Scorpio, goes direct on November 3, and completes its shadow period on November 20.

If these shadow periods give us an answer, we could expect election results by November 20 – with an outside chance of delays until January 4.

Then, we could consider the intensity of the eclipse period, in this case, the two weeks between the Lunar Eclipse on November 30 and the Solar Eclipse on December 14. During eclipses (see previous blog about this), people tend to get riled up about things and emotions run higher than usual. In this case, the triggering Lunar Eclipse is at 8 Gemini, so the emotional drama could include debates regarding logistics, counting, technology – in fact, all the things that the Mercury retrograde messed up! The Solar Eclipse, at 23 Sagittarius sets the stage for the next six months. However, it activates yods for both Trump and Biden (see recording of ZOOM session about their charts and the election) so, to be honest, it’s hard to tell which of them will be affected in what way. We just know that there is likely to be drama for the first two weeks of December.

And, finally, we absolutely should pay attention to the impact of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21 (also described in the ZOOM recording). That is when the new 20-year era is triggered off. And, it's much more strongly connected to Biden’s chart than to Trump’s.

My personal best guess is that we might have final election results around the time Mars goes direct on November 13 and that, for sure, we’ll have them by the time Mercury’s shadow period is over on November 20. Then, if the election is contested, it could take – at the latest – until January 4, when Mars’s shadow ends, for the issue to be resolved. But, I don’t really think so. I think there will be a lot of excitement during the eclipse period in December but that things will be settled and we will move forward with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, on the Solstice, December 21.


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