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Identity Continuums

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Experience shows us that our identities – and the relationships we create with them – emerge from the interplay of a variety of personal traits. Today, I feel like reflecting on some attributes that could be described on continuums and to consider how, as individuals, we mix and match them.

Obviously, these are only three of the many complex elements that make up a human being! However, as we, collectively, go through cycles of change and awareness related to these particular factors, it’s sometimes useful clarify that they are separate propensities that can be mixed and matched in multiple ways.

For example, you could:

  • Experience yourself as male, prefer to engage in women’s activities, and be attracted to women.

  • Experience yourself as gender neutral, prefer to engage in men’s activities, and be attracted to men.

  • Experience yourself as female, prefer to engage in women’s activities, and be attracted to women.

  • And so forth.

Nothing is set in stone about the ways that an individual might combine these – or any other – characteristics to create their own wholeness.

The astrological view

In fact, there are no astrological markers that show that someone might be born physically male, female, or intersex. Similarly, there is nothing astrological that signals a person’s internal gender identity.

Also, while an astrological chart might include hints of the types of activities that a person might enjoy, it doesn’t reflect how those particular undertakings are viewed in a person’s culture. In fact, the chart doesn’t reveal anything about a person’s cultural environment.

And, despite the research efforts of multiple astrologers, no astrological significator of sexual preference has been found.

In the end (or the beginning?) we just need to trust ourselves to know who we are, to accept our preferences, and to seek cultural contexts that support our interests and activities.


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