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Astrology & the 2020 USA Election

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

This evening, I presented and recorded, a discussion of the astrological features associated with the 2020 USA Presidential Election. The link to the recording is below. One thing that I wish I'd remembered to say at the end: I think Trump will lose because of the will/reaction of the people against him, not because Biden will overwhelmingly be everyone's choice to win. Still, Biden DOES seem to be well-situated to usher in the new era that is reflected by the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in December 2020, as long as his health holds up and he surrounds himself with energetic people of like mind. For the details, check out the recording. Onward!

Recording* of my 9/22/20 ZOOM presentation on Astrology and the Election:

*I thought this was going to be about 20 minutes but it turned out to be around 50 minutes - just so you know!


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