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Astrology 2021 - March: Recording

On March 18, I did an astrological update via Zoom. Here is the link to the recording of that session: Gail Fairfield's Astrology 2021 - March Zoominar

In addition, here's the link to the PDF of the PowerPoint slides in case you find that useful: PDF of Gail Fairfield's Astrology 2021-March Zoominar

These zoominars are free and available to anyone. Feel free to share them! And, contact me at if you want to be added to my database in order to get notifications of future zoominars or other events.


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Astrology 2024 - March Zoominar

It's time for my quarterly update on astrological patterns . . . including some comments on the 2024 U.S. election. The session is free and open to anyone! So, please invite your friends and join me:


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