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Gail Fairfield

For Engaging in a Choice-Centered Life


For Individuals, Pairs,
Groups, & Organizations

Through choice (not fate)-centered astrology/tarot consultations, you can:

  • Understand more about your nature and strengths

  • Gain insight into the past

  • Explore choices in the present

  • Consider options and timing for the future


Life Coaching for
Adults and Teens

Through personal coaching sessions, you can:

  • Recognize that you are the expert and the active power in your own life

  • Remember your strengths and resourcefulness

  • Imagine what you really want

  • Practice changes that you've chosen to make

  • Make plans for your next steps

  • Reflect on what's happened so you can revise your plans, as needed


Workshops for Groups
and Organizations

Through a Choice Centered workshop, you can:

  • Develop an understanding about a way of approaching life

  • Gain insight into yourself and others

  • Practice using tools and resources

  • Go home with new, usable skills that will enhance your life


Books and Articles

Choice Centered Tarot first appeared in 1980; since then, it's been re-titled Everyday Tarot.  This book was followed by Choice Centered Astrology in 1990 and Choice Centered Relating and the Tarot in 2000.  They are all still in print, used as texts for classes, and references by professionals.

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