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Upcoming Eclipses

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

As if it weren’t enough to be deep in the middle of Venus Retrograde, we are about to have everything intensified by the eclipses.

Eclipse periods often last only two weeks, from a lunar to solar eclipse or from a solar to a lunar. Occasionally, the eclipse period lasts a full month, as is true this time: June 5 – July 5. A month-long eclipse period is marked by three eclipses. In this case they are: a lunar (Full Moon) eclipse on June 5; a solar (New Moon) eclipse on June 21; and, a lunar (Full Moon) eclipse on July 5.

In general, eclipse periods are times of heightened energy. It’s as if every atom in the universe is spinning a bit faster, every emotion is felt a bit more strongly, and every event seems a bit more dramatic. Two common eclipse experiences are:

  • This is the best, most fantastic/fabulous idea or experience that ever happened to me or anyone else!

  • This is the worst, most devastating/depressing idea or experience that ever happened to me or anyone else!

You get the idea. Everything seems extreme during the eclipses and it’s difficult to get perspective.

At a personal level, bearing in mind that these eclipses are occurring during Venus Retrograde, consider the impact of the eclipses on relationships and money:

  • Relationships that begin during eclipses tend to feel like magical dreams come true . . . until reality hits, they come down to earth, and appear more prosaic. This doesn’t mean they aren’t good relationships; they just might not be as perfect as first imagined. And, with Venus Retrograde, you could still be re-enacting scenes from the past.

  • Conversely, relationship crises tend to be over-the-top in intensity. This doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem or something to be addressed; it just means that things might be blown up, possibly out of proportion. Or, it could be that they are finally obvious enough or big enough to force us to finally pay attention and take necessary action.

  • Financial decisions, investments, and purchases can feel like they are guaranteed to change our lives forever for the better . . . until we recognize the fallout or day-to-day implications. The choices might still be okay but the urgency to “do it now” might not be real.

  • Financial crises can feel like the end of the known world with no solutions or possibilities for choices/changes in sight. There is probably something problematic actually going on but/and there are likely still some choices available if you take a minute, breathe, and look.

The usual astrological advice for choices that arise during the eclipses is: “wait until the eclipse period is over, give it an extra week, and then see if it’s still as amazing or awful as you thought.”

At a political level, in the current activist climate, historical grievances related to equity and fairness (Venus Retrograde) are already boiling up. It’s likely that the eclipse period could intensify the pain and drama unless people can somehow shift to getting equally excited about possible solutions.

  • The June 5 Full Moon Eclipse (Sagittarius) might signal a moment of philosophical perspective which could equally bring a sense of “calmer heads prevailing” or rallying cries from various sides of the crisis.

  • The June 21 New Moon Eclipse (Cancer) holds some hope of a new beginning, grounded in care and concern for survival. This could be a result of fallout from the pandemic. On the other hand, if fear takes control, people could be clinging tightly to that which they hold dear and unable to have compassion for the needs of others.

  • The July 5 Full Moon Eclipse (Capricorn) will likely bring some kind of return to order, enforced from the outside and/or embraced from within groups of participants.

So, what can we do? Personally, hold off on big life-altering decisions until mid-July, if at all possible! Politically, the only thing I can think of . . . is for us to find the wiser awareness inside ourselves that balances practicality with right action and choice with compassion.


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